“I started to work for a company and really enjoyed the work and the people. But when I got my second pay check I wondered why I was working at all. Revenue Canada had placed a garnishee against my wages and I was losing 30% of my gross.

I hadn’t filed taxes for several years and now it was hard to live on my take home pay and I didn’t have any of my t4’s or other information that was all lost. I didn’t know what to do or even where to start.

My brother had gotten Bob to help him when his company bank account was attached by Revenue Canada so I met with Bob and he agreed to help me. He contacted Revenue Canada to advise he would be my agent and helping to get my taxes prepared and field, he requested any information they had on file for each of the years that were missing.

Bob prepared all of my taxes and got Revenue Canada to stop the garnishee because they in fact were owing me money.

I got refunds for all but one year; the interest and penalties were reduced or cancelled.

I am married now with a husband and daughter I love a great deal and we don’t have any problems with Revenue Canada hanging over our heads. My taxes, my husband’s and friends’, who I have told about Bob, are filed properly and on time.

Taking the first step is how you move ahead. I recommend you call Bob to help you make that first step in confidence.”



“Bob, I wanted to thank you for all you have done for me and my children. If others read this I want them to know my story because it may help them in difficult times. I am a single mother with a special needs son. I work for a Doctor. I work hard to provide for my son and my daughter, but the costs of special care and medications were expensive and took all I earned and more.

A friend, who had problems with Revenue Canada, gave me Bob’s phone number and told me to contact him. I met Bob and explained the circumstances and asked if there was anything he could do to help me.

Bob ran with the challenge! He prepared all necessary documents, memorandum to Revenue Canada and correspondence with Doctors.

I now have a Disability Tax Credit and Bob had my taxes reassessed for several years which provided a large refund. My son was awarded a Child Disability Benefit which is in addition to the Child Tax Benefit paid monthly. I was issued this benefit dating back to his birth. I can now provide the kind of education, medication and special training my son needs.

If you are reading this and need assistance for a family member, contact Bob. It is not a simple process and it must be done properly the first time for it not to become bogged down or refused.

To you Bob, just having someone say they would like to help is nice. Having someone who does is more important!

Again Bob, thank you. Tax time is just around the corner, see you soon.”



“I give this testimonial to Bob Walker (Multi Business Solutions) without hesitation and with great satisfaction. Bob helped me with three significant personal financial needs.

   1. I received an unexpected pension from my spouse when he passed away. There were some legal questions which needed to be addressed, Bob completed the paper work for me and worked with the pension trustees to expedite the processing.

   2. I was negotiating a final management contract with a Canadian company of which I was the executive vice president. Bob reviewed all correspondence provided by the company’s solicitors and advised me of changes which should be made to protect me in the final contract. Bob also edited my own lawyer’s correspondence to assure me there were no omissions or errors. I have now retired but the final contract was very beneficial to me.

   3. Finally, Bob does my taxes and after reviewing my contract and legal expenses mentioned above, he obtained a legal decision from Revenue Canada which allowed me to claim over $5000.00 in expenses from my gross income for the year. Bob continues to do my annual income tax return.

l consider Bob a friend and a person I trust to help me in confidence in any matter.”



“My name is Gary and I am an Adult with many disabilities both physical and mental. When you face the challenges I have in life you begin to hide from the world like I did. I lived on the street.

I was taken in by my sister but needed financial help for her and myself. She introduced me to Bob and the rest is an 8 year history. I now have a disability pension and a disability tax credit that helps my sister.

There are lots of things I could say but I know that Bob doesn’t need more than thank you. So to you Bob THANK YOU.”



“I was being garnisheed and hounded by Revenue Canada over mistakes made when I was younger. I hadn’t filed taxes for many years because I just felt I would owe more money and believed I could just avoid them and my problems would all go away. They didn’t they just got bigger and now I had a family to support and was losing 30% of every paycheck.

Friends told me to call Bob; he might be able to help. That was 3 years ago. Bob contacted Revenue Canada and became my buffer/representative. He worked with me to get all of my tax fillings up to date. He negotiated a 50% reduction in the garnishee and helped to get me on track. He negotiated a reduction in the penalties and interest I owed. This was all done confidentially.

I am debt free and my filings are all up to date.

I lived for years with a financial burden that affected me and my family daily. That is a thing of the past!!! If you haven’t filed one or more years or are being chased by Revenue Canada, call Bob. Bob is a person you can trust to give you help and sound advice. I have let all my friends know about Bob.

On behalf of myself and my family, thank you Bob.”



“I write this testimonial for Bob Walker and Multi Business Solutions freely for anyone in need to see.

My name Is Julio when I first moved to Canada I met Bob through work, we became friends for that I am ever thankful!

My wife Anna, who was pregnant, joined me in Canada later, and our first child Natalie was born. Because Anna had not been in Canada long enough we had to pay for her hospital cost and made arrangements to pay monthly.

Natalie became gravely ill with genetic kidney disease, I didn’t know where to turn I was devastated not knowing what to do next and the expenses had put our family in a deep financial hole, so I turned to Bob, who I knew had helped others, to see if he could help or direct me to someone who could help.

Bob met with my wife and me and set a course of action that changed our lives.

He gathered together the Dr.’s reports, prepared a Disability Tax credit application and we were approved in a very short time. Bob also filed for additional benefits Child Disability Credits for our family these were approved right away. Bob also filed the necessary documents for a reassessment of our taxes, we received a substantial return which helped our family with the medical expenses and Bob has kept our taxes up to date since that time.

Bob didn’t stop there he took the Disability Tax Credit approval and the Dr.’s reports and contacted Children’s hospital and requested that they consider, on compassionate grounds, the writing off of the outstanding $11,000.00 which they did (Bob can be a very persuasive person).

I know Bob and Mable see me and my family as part of their family just as we see them as part of ours. If you are in need of help or guidance call Bob!!

Bob, from the bottom of Anna’s Heart and Mine thank you”


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