Bookkeeping Services

We offer potential clients a complementary consultation by phone, in our office or yours to determine goals and what is required to achieve them. We will tailor our services to fit your unique needs.



Profit and Loss Statement Preparation
We can take all those receipts and invoices that you have tucked away in a file box(s) , sort, compile and record them to a profit and loss statement. When all this is done you will be able to incorporate the information into your tax preparation.

GST / PST Remittance
We can help you obtain a GST/ PST number for your company, sort and tally all GST/ PST charged on your invoices, identify all GST that may be claimed off purchases made by your company to support doing business. This can be done on a quarterly or annual basis. For one or more years

Excel Spreadsheets Preparation
We can help you design a spreadsheet with formulas written to fit the individual needs of your company, such as; Inventory control sheets, Time card sheets, Work sheets, etc.

Tax Preparation
We can take the files that you have been keeping and prepare them for year- end as in Profit and Loss. This can be done for one or more years

upon request



Revenue Canada Disability Tax Credits

Multi Business Solutions has assisted numerous individuals and families with their applications for Disability Tax Credits.
We file for and receive Disability Credits for individuals, single and two parent families. This is one of the most difficult and challenging area of assistance that we provide. The impact of significant illness on individuals and or their families can be dramatic.

We have successfully pursued and obtained rightful and legal compensation available for individuals and their families with challenges that include but are not limited to:

1. Mental Health – schizophrenia, Bi-Polar Disorder, paranoia
2. Autism Child and Adult
3. Blindness
4. Epilepsy (Grand Mal)
5. Multiple Physical Challenges.(complex health issues)
6. Child FSGS ( Kidney Failure)
7. Multiple Sclerosis
8. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.
9. Cancer (Long Term and Terminal)
10. Heart and Stroke

Most people are not aware of their entitlements. They are so busy struggling through the overwhelming demands both emotional and financial of day to day life, that they never get what they really need for themselves or their families.

We as advocates seek to diminish these burdens by doing all the leg work for you. (bold and underline)

We now assist Medical professionals in preparation of the necessary documentation for patients they feel should apply and would be qualified to receive the credit.

We work directly with your own Doctor and specialists to complete and file T2201 and deliver to Revenue Canada all necessary support materials.

The process requires that sufficient information be provided to Revenue Canada that clearly shows the applicant is in need of Life-sustaining therapy, have a marked restriction at least 90% of the time or be significantly restricted and the impairment is prolonged in nature.

We make every attempt to advise clients on what the probability of success will be based on our experience, not everyone will qualify for the Disability Tax Credit but if you feel you or a member of your family should be considered then ask and we will provide guidance to the best of our abilities

In the case of families where a dependent is a minor we also seek additional credits such as the Child Disability Benefits.

Where the dependent is a senior we will seek such things as caregiver and /or other appropriate benefits.


Individual and Small Business Tax Preparation

Multi Business Solutions has for many years provided Income tax preparation for Individuals, their Families and for Small Businesses and Professionals using the latest Efile Professional Software.

We have and continue to provide Representation and act as a Buffer for individuals who may not be up to date with their fillings and are receiving calls, letters or are being garnisheed by Revenue Canada, Service Canada, MSP or other Government agencies.

We will act as your intermediary to obtain documents you require, prepare all filings and negotiate with Revenue Canada, Service Canada, MSP or others an equitable solution.

We will interview you to make sure you are receiving all legitimate benefits. It is important for your tax preparer to know all that they can about you if they are going to maximize your benefits and deductions.

“It’s not what you earn it’s what you keep”

Call or email to discuss a particular solution in more detail.