Robert David (Bob) Walker

  1. Youngest Member of the Board of Governors of Mount Royal College appointed by order in Council by the Alberta Government.
  2. Credit manager of Safeway Credit Union – Edmonton
  3. Executive Director Of the Mechanical Contractors Association Of Alberta – Edmonton
  4. Producer of National and International Trade shows for the Canadian, British Columbia and Alberta construction Industries. (Westpach and “World of Construction” for Expo 86 )
  5. Co-Producer and with Ian Forbes of Thompson, Berwick and Pratt of a Teleconference Between The Government of Canada, British Columbia, The Canadian construction Industry and The Peoples Republic of China during Expo 86. I also acted as the floor director of the Teleconference.
  6. Bob has negotiated for both sides of the table ( Union/Management) for Union Construction.
  7. Produced and Hosted a I hour long live TV Business Program (For Your Information) which ran 3 years in Edmonton
  8. Produced and co-hosted with Dr Larry Gironella (Psychiatry) a 1/2 hour live TV show on children and new families. Grow with your Child ran for 1 year in Edmonton.

Enjoy work with adults and children who have physical, mental or emotional challenges. Assist Individuals and Small Businesses, as their representative, who need help when dealing with Government or Private industries.

Mable Walker

Mable Walker has been the office manager for Multi Business Solutions since its inception.

Mable has a varied business history including owning and operating her own business in the construction industry, has managed a restaurant and owned her own clothing store.

Mable works with people who require bookkeeping and accounting assistance. Mable has found ways to reduce the cost of accounting for small businesses who are just beginning to operate by writing software programs to simplify their initial operations.

Mable works with people who are behind one or more years in their personal as well as Small Business Taxes and GST/PST filings.

Mable is proudest of her role with the Ministry of Social Services in child care program development and working with troubled youth.

Mable is also the foster mother of 13 level 2 children who have stayed with her from the time they were removed from their biological parents to the present. In her role as a foster parent Mable has had more than 30 children in her care and is currently considered the Grandmother of 13 grand children and 3 great grand children.